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About Us

In every industry there are thousands of similar providers offering the same service, but we all know what it’s like to find that one that understands us that much better; that one who made our lives easier and went beyond all expectations. Dominion Lending is the foundation of our expertise. You can have the best interest rate, the most flexible repayment privileges, and also be excited about your home or investment.

Our enormous experience and established presence in the industry ensures best rates, expedited approvals, and excellent service every time.

Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BCMiruna Alexandru

Miruna has been involved in the real estate industry for over 7 years, previously working as a strata manager for the two most successful management companies in the city.

Through her substantial experience in the financial industry surrounding Vancouver’s dynamic real estate sector, her compassion to help clients has driven her to take a whole new approach to her career. She dedicates her time training and teaching clients and other mortgage brokers alike to broaden their knowledge base and make the most informed financial decisions.

Backed by a BCIT degree in computer programming, Miruna has utilized her computer skills for flawless, real-time response to inquiries, and developing a reliable security system to ensure clients the utmost confidentially with documents and information. This also allows her to stay updated at all times with changing interest rates, mortgage products, and mortgage promotions.

Miruna is also the account manager for VancouverMortgages.NET, handling the back end of networking, lender communication, application and document preparation.